More Incredible Economic News That Helps the World & Actually Hurts Our Country’s Real GDP!

Our President rightfully tweeted this out moments ago.

From the article linked above:

U.S. consumers’ confidence hit a fresh 14-year high this month, as lower-income households reported feeling more optimistic about the economy.

The University of Michigan on Friday said the preliminary result of its consumer-sentiment index was 102.0 in March, up from 99.7 in February. That was the highest level since January 2004, and well above the 99.0 economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had expected.

However, here is what our President and his Killers also understand!

Every country that imports their materials into our country have a humongous smile on their face based on this great news. It means Americans will purchase more and it will extend the trade deficit in their favor and against us! Meaning our real GDP for the 1st Quarter will continue to shrink!

Both the NY Federal Reserve and the Atlanta Federal Reserve have revised their forecast for the 1st Q real GDP in 2018 downward today.

Look at the reason that the Atlanta Federal Reserve gives:

“The nowcast of 1st Quarter real private fixed-investment growth increased from 2.4% to 3.3% (THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS) after this morning’s new residential construction release from the U.S. Census Bureau & this morning’s industrial production & capacity utilization release from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. This increase was more than offset by the modest downward revisions (HERE IT IS CLEAR AS DAY / DEVASTATING NEWS) to the contributions of real consumer spending, real net exports, and real inventory investment to 1st Quarter real GDP growth.”


Another Devastating Poll For the POS That Are Fighting Our President On Tariffs! Americans Back Him BIGLY….

The CoC, Globalist, MSM, RINOs, Democrats, NWO, Big Club, China 🇨🇳, EU, Canada 🇨🇦, Mexico 🇲🇽, South Korea 🇰🇷, Japan 🇯🇵 etc. are completely DEAD 💀! This is the THIRD poll that has come out this past week with absolutely terrifying data for the POS above.

From the article linked above:

In a new poll by Rasmussen Reports, nearly 70 percent of likely voters said it is more important to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States than keeping prices on products low for consumers.

Working and middle-class Americans were the most supportive of any economic group of a strong U.S. manufacturing base, with between 70 to 76 percent supporting keeping manufacturing jobs in the country rather than enjoying cheap products.

The Rust Belt, which Trump swept in the 2016 presidential election, has been one of the hardest regions hit because of U.S. free trade with Mexico. In total, about 700,000 U.S. have been displaced, including:

  • 14,500 American workers displaced in Wisconsin
  • 43,600 American workers displaced in Michigan
  • 2,600 American workers displaced in West Virginia
  • 26,300 American workers displaced in Pennsylvania
  • 34,900 American workers displaced in Ohio
  • 6,500 American workers displaced in Iowa
  • 24,400 American workers displaced in Indiana

One former steel town in West Virginia lost 94 percent of its steel jobs because of NAFTA, with nearly 10,000 workers in the town being displaced from the steel industry.

Since China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, there have been 3.2 million American jobs lost with 2.4 million of those jobs coming from the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Here are the previous two threads with the first two polls I referenced above:

The GDP Fallacy That We All Fell Victim Too! When the American Economy Is Booming, the World’s GDP Is Growing……

Many including myself were really surprised when the 4th Quarter real GDP came in at 2.6% when it was released (January 26). We were even more surprised when it was revised on February 28th to 2.5%. We all asked how could that be given what we were seeing and reading about the Christmas shopping which was up 6% from the previous year.

We all fell for a fallacy! Yes Americans were buying more than they had in a very long time. Consumer confidence is at all time highs. However, since so little of what was purchased was made in the USA, our imports had to be increased because of the demand. That increase in imports is a complete subtraction from our real GDP.

This tweet that was released earlier by Sarah makes the point I shared above! Canada in 2017 had a $17.58 Billion dollar surplus with us. Check out what the dollar amount was for January 2018. That is $3.63 Billion dollars. The Canadians are as happy as happy can be because Americans are confident in the Economy and have extra money in their pockets (January’s budget surplus for them shows it). They and others are the ones that are benefiting. Not us!

The Mexicans love our confidence in the Economy and the fact we are willing to spend more! This tweet tells you how much they are benefiting.

This tweet by Charles Payne tells you the story about how the World is happy as hell because Americans are spending more.

We have to wake up or we will lose it all! What I showed is the master plan of the last 4 administrations. Spend more so that the world’s real GDP expands (3.5% last year) while ours evaporates because we are the ones that caused the world to enjoy a real GDP of 3.5% in 2017!


Don’t Fall For the Democrat & MSM Narrative About PA-18 Special Election! It Is A Complete Fallacy & Here Is Why……

For all those falling for the MSM talking points, you are making a fatal flaw when comparing how our President did in this District in 2016 versus how Saccone did this evening. When you compare our President running against ultra liberal HRC, a District with 50K more Democrats said we are going with DJT. Lamb ran on all MAGA agenda items except immigration. He was further right than Saccone the Republican on certain agenda items.

Here is one area that Saccone blew and Lamb took advantage of:

It is not an apple to apple comparison! Had Lamb run on HRC’s agenda, he would have got destroyed. That is the point you need to remember. The majority of Democrats run to the far left not the middle. In Districts our President won, that will devastate them. Keep that in mind.

Here are a few perfect examples of their stupidity!

The Democrats are truly the gift that keep on giving! Good luck running on the platform that if you win the 2020 Presidential Election 🗳, you are going to get rid of ICE. Immigration was by far our President’s biggest agenda item that got him elected.

From the article linked above:

The Democrats mulling a run for the White House in 2020 are facing intense pressure from liberals to campaign on abolishing the agency that enforces federal immigration laws, a proposal that was once relegated to the far-left fringe.

In January, the idea was endorsed by Brian Fallon, a former top aide to 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder, President Barack Obama’s attorney general. The Daily Caller first drew attention to the calls.

“ICE operates as an unaccountable deportation force,” Fallon tweeted. “Dems running in 2020 should campaign on ending the agency in its current form.”

“Though the party has moved left on core issues — from reproductive rights to single-payer health care — it’s time for progressives to put forward a demand that deportation be taken not as the norm, but rather as a disturbing indicator of authoritarianism,” McElwee wrote.

Democratic officeholders also have been openly rebelling against ICE, including Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who recently tipped off the public to an immigration raid in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Good luck with this one in November given the financial benefits that 90% of Americans feel every time they receive their paycheck!

Here is another important fact!

Here is even more evidence that backs up my point:


Another Devastating Poll For the CoC, Globalist, RINOs, MSM! Americans Care More For Manufacturing In the USA 🇺🇸 Than Lower Cost On Products

The CoC, Globalist, MSM, RINOs, Democrats, NWO, Big Club, China 🇨🇳, EU, Canada 🇨🇦, Mexico 🇲🇽, South Korea 🇰🇷, Japan 🇯🇵 etc. are completely DEAD 💀! This is the second poll that has come out this past week with absolutely terrifying data for the group listed above.

8 if not 9 out of 10 Americans agree with our President and want to see products manufactured in the USA 🇺🇸 again!

From the article linked above:

While the debate over tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump last week rages on in Washington, Americans are more unified over whether it’s more important to protect the country’s manufacturing base over lower consumer costs.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds a whopping 89% of American adults believe it is at least somewhat important for the U.S. to have a major manufacturing and industrial base, including 63% who believe it is “Very Important.” Only 8% say it is not very or “Not At All” Important to keep a manufacturing base at home.

When asked if it is “more important to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States or to keep prices low for American consumers,” a dominant 68% said it’s more important to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and only 20% think it’s more important to “keep prices low for American consumers.”

Four days ago I shared the following with you!

From the article linked above:

As Trump signed into law his 25 percent tariff on imported steel and 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum to protect American workers and U.S. industries, more than 80% of Americans say they support the president’s trade economic nationalism.

In a Harvard-Harris poll, about 83% of Americans said they supported PDJT’s effort to level the playing field on foreign trade to reverse the decades-long pattern of multinational free trade agreements which have wiped out broad portions of the Rust Belt & middle America.

About 93% of Republican voters say they strongly or somewhat support Trump’s plans to renegotiate free trade to benefit American workers and to prevent multinational corporations from easily moving U.S. jobs overseas.


What Happened In North Korea 🇰🇵 On October 10, 2017? The Rods From God May Have Nuked Kim Jong-un’s Entire Nuclear Team…..


The day of reckoning is coming! Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says that our newest weapon is operational! It is called the “Rod From God”. It is being used throughout the ME. Especially in Syria 🇸🇾. It may have actually been used in North Korea 🇰🇵On October 10th.

From the article linked above:

So what does Mattis have in mind? He wouldn’t say, but he did let slip one interesting comment.

“Just to clarify, you said that there were possible military options that would not create a grave risk to Seoul,” a reporter said later. “Are we talking kinetic options as well?”

“Yes, I don’t want to go into that,” Mattis said, agreeing that his closely held military option involved kinetic action, a euphemism to describe lethal military force.

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WOW! The Interview AG Sessions’ Had With Shannon Bream On Fox Last Night Was So Powerful! The Anticipation Of DEATH Is Far Worse Than DEATH Itself!

Folks sunlight is truly the greatest disinfectant of them all! I admit that I was one of the skeptic’s that was really worried about our AG. I owe AG Jeff Sessions’ a big apology. The last 45 seconds of that interview reminded me of the man that was stumping all across the country with our President. He absolutely lit up as he spoke about then candidate and now President Donald J. Trump. Those 45 seconds reassured me that every single person involved in this coup will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

I have had visions for over a year of waking up and turning my tv on and seeing arrests being made simultaneously all over the USA. Every single one of these POS being brought out of their homes in handcuffs. Some trying to use their overcoat to disguise their faces from the cameras.

After reading the post below, I feel that my dream may actually become a reality! There were plenty of guilty men and women that watched that interview last night and couldn’t fall asleep. They took sleeping pill after sleeping pill and it just didn’t work. Their minds were racing like a Formula 1 race car. Every single image imaginable of what will be their life going forward was playing itself out.

Senator Jeff Sessions Confirms Prior Appointment of “DOJ Prosecutor” to Parallel IG Horowitz, NOT a Special Counsel…

They also found themselves wanting to vomit out whatever they ate earlier. Their bodies began to go into overdrive to eat them from the inside out.

That gun on their nightstand began to get louder and louder. Some may have actually picked it up only to put it down again. They were able to once again convince themselves that they were HEROES and that BHO would once again protect them.

Lets see how that plays out going forward! At some point the realization will hit them like a boulder. BHO isn’t going to save the day because he is in the same sinking ship as the rest of them!

The Anticipation Of DEATH Is Far Worse Than DEATH Itself!


California Is the Greatest Gift In the World For Our President, AG & Most Importantly ICE!

California’s state policies have actually been a gift to our President, AG Sessions and most importantly to ICE. The fact that they are a “Sanctuary State” allows ICE to basically do whatever they want. They tell people that if you are caught in a raid and the only illegal act you committed was coming into our country illegally, you will be picked up as “Collateral Damage”. They also told the folks in California that the nearby facilities that house those waiting to be deported are so packed, they have no choice but sending you to locations that may be 1000s of miles away.

The local news and local papers can’t really talk much about it because it will paint a picture that the politicians and liberals in California don’t want the public to know. This allows our ICE Agents to perform their duties unabated. Now you have this MORON Mayor from Oakland that decided to tip off the illegals. There is a very good chance that her ass will be arrested and made an example for all the rest of the moon-bat Democrats that believe in their sanctuary policies.

This helps further our President’s agenda because Americans are sick and damn tired of seeing illegals being paraded as being more important than our citizens.

The latest data is absolutely devastating for the Democrats and will only get worse thanks to states like California.

From the article linked above:

70% of voters oppose the visa “lottery that randomly picks 50,000 people to enter the U.S. each year for great diversity.” This includes 58% of Hispanics, 56% of African Americans, 61% of Clinton voters, and 59% of Democrats.

57% of voters support “building a combination of physical and electronic barriers across the U.S.-Mexico border.” This includes 53% of Hispanics and 54% of Independents.

A clear majority of voters (61%) believe Congress should pass legislation that addresses both DACA and border security at the same time. This includes 69% of Hispanics, 55% of African Americans, 54% of Democrats and 63% of Independents.

Voters Support Immigration Control

79% of voters think we need secure borders—not open borders. This includes 72% of Hispanic voters, 71% of African American voters, 80% of Independent voters, and 71% of Clinton voters.

Among Republican voters, respondents said that “reducing the total amount of immigrants allowed in the United States” should be “the top priority for President Trump and Republicans in Congress” second only to “stimulating American jobs.”

Among all voters, “reducing the total amount of immigrants allowed in the United States” was ranked to be a top five issue, rating in equal importance to destroying ISIS.


China 🇨🇳 Sees the Writing On the Wall! Time For North Korea 🇰🇵 To No Longer Be A Problem For the USA 🇺🇸………

The tariff talks are not what is scaring China 🇨🇳! Even the NAFTA negotiations aren’t the end all be all. That 301 trade investigation (Intellectual Property) is what is scaring China 🇨🇳 to death.

Our President and his Killers have positioned themselves perfectly. Gary Cohn exiting stage right sent an immediate message to China 🇨🇳 this evening. Our President is absolutely ready, willing and able to go to war with the entire damn world if he has to.

By the end of the week, the tariffs on steel and aluminum will be signed with NO exceptions. In another month or so, our President will sign the EO terminating NAFTA. That will start the 6 month countdown. A month or so after that, our President will pull us out of the South Korea 🇰🇷 trade deal.

If the European Union gets stupid, as our President said today with the Moron PM of Sweden 🇸🇪 next to him, he will slap a 25% tariff on European cars 🚗 imported into our country.

Xi will know at this point that the hammer 🔨 is about to be dropped from the 301 investigation. We are talking about crippling sanctions across the board on nearly everything China 🇨🇳 imports into the USA 🇺🇸. PM Modi from India 🇮🇳 is waiting patiently to step in where China 🇨🇳 once was.

To me NK is about stopping the hammer 🔨 from falling on China 🇨🇳 over the 301 investigation.

China 🇨🇳 sees the writing on the wall! Tax Reform passed, deregulation happening at record speed. The Senate today moved forward with 50 Republicans and 17 Democrats to basically destroy Dodd-Frank. Major deregulation of the banking system is coming. Especially for banks with less than $10 billion dollars 💵 in assets.

China 🇨🇳 also saw this tweet and realizes the ramifications for both our country and theirs because of our Energy Dominance!

From the article linked above:

The U.S. will overtake Russia to become the world’s largest oil producer by 2023, accounting for most of the global growth in petroleum supplies, a top industry monitor said Monday.

U.S. crude production is expected to reach a record of 12.1 million barrels a day in 2023, up about 2 million barrels a day from this year, said the International Energy Agency, which advises governments and corporations on industry trends. American oil output will surge past Russia, currently the world’s largest crude producer at about 11 million barrels a day.