ARMAGEDDON May Occur in Less Than 24hrs if Justice Kennedy Retires

I am praying this evening for Justice Kennedy to announce at some point in the afternoon that he is retiring effective immediately. What an incredible way to start the week.

From the article linked above:

Action is expected on President Trump’s travel ban before the court’s long summer break but the biggest news of all would be if Kennedy were to use the court’s last public session on Monday to announce his retirement, the Associated Press reported Saturday.

Kennedy has played an important role as the court’s swing vote on many important rulings. His departure would allow conservatives to wrest near total control of the bench for the foreseeable future.

The WAPO is preparing its readers for what they are describing as ARMAGEDDON! Chuck the Duck will have absolutely no recourse since he allowed Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option on Neil Gorsuch.

From the article linked above:

So if Kennedy is inclined to retire, it is hard to begrudge him that choice. But his departure would be terrible for the court and terrible for the country. It could not come at a worse time. Any court vacancy these days, under a president of either party, triggers a battle between liberal and conservative forces. Kennedy’s retirement would unleash nomination Armageddon, given the feral political environment and the pivotal role he plays on the closely divided court.

One of the final 3 candidates to replace Justice Scalia was Thomas Hardiman.

From the article linked above:

Hardiman is known for protecting gun rights and taking an originalist approach to Second Amendment cases.

However, the man that will cause some to literally commit suicide if he is the ultimate choice is William Pryor. He also was one of the final 3 candidates to replace Justice Scalia.

From the article linked above:

Pryor is perhaps the most polarizing figure of the potential nominees, with some groups thinking he leans too far right

When President George W. Bush nominated him to his current post in 2003, Senate Democrats refused to allow Pryor’s confirmation, calling him an “extremist,” citing his position on both Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas as examples.

Pryor, 54, has been an especially outspoken critic of abortion rights, calling Roe v. Wade “the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.”


Obamacare Defenders Have Nothing Left to Defend! All They Do is LIE

The concept of a pure repeal bill doesn’t exist! It never has existed! SD has told us numerous times that the bill that Barry from Hawaii vetoed in 2015 was NOT a repeal bill. Beyond the fact that we have only 52 Republican Senators, a full repeal would need 60 Senator votes. Here is the part many really aren’t aware of; many Republican Senators would NEVER EVER vote for a full repeal. We would need 70 Republicans to have a chance at getting 60 to vote for a FULL REPEAL.

Back to reality now! The Republicans can only do so much through the process of reconciliation. This bill is a good bill. It helps states that expanded their medicaid because of Obozocare ample time to deal with the ramifications of no longer receiving government funding. That won’t occur until 2024. This bill doesn’t penalize folks that decide I am not buying health insurance. The House bill would have them pay a 30% surcharge if they went without insurance for 63 days. This bill has no such penalty.

This bill also takes freeloaders ability to milk the damn system away! It allows states to impose a work requirement on non-pregnant, non-disabled, non-elderly individuals receiving Medicaid. Look what has happened in states that provide EPIC benefits. When you can’t freeload, they run for the hills and find a DAMN job!

From the article linked above:

13 Alabama counties saw 85 percent drop in food stamp participation after work requirements restarted

As of Jan. 1, 2017, there were 13,663 able-bodied adults without dependents receiving food stamps statewide. That number dropped to 7,483 by May 1, 2017. Among the 13 counties, there were 5,538 adults ages 18-50 without dependents receiving food stamps as of Jan. 1, 2017. That number dropped to 831 – a decline of about 85 percent – by May 1, 2017.

For all those that say Phase 3 is a pipe dream, bills have already been passed in the House!

From the article linked above:

Phase 3 is actually four pieces of legislation:

While the Senate was working on its own legislation to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, the House moved ahead with a second piece of legislation to further chip away at the landmark health care law.

The aforementioned Broad Choices for Americans Act.

The Verify First Act, which would bar illegal immigrants from receiving tax credits under the ACA or the AHCA.

The Veterans Equal Treatment Ensures Relief and Access Now (VETERAN) Act, which would allow veterans the choice to stay in the Veterans Affairs programs or instead get financial support for a private health care plan.

The Protecting Access to Care Act, which would cap malpractice payouts at $250,000 for damages that don’t have a direct economic impact, like lost wages or medical expenses.

Mitch McConnell Can’t Take it Anymore!

Folks Mitch McConnell just can’t take it anymore! His wife has been beating him over the head every single night for the past month. She is tired of our President telling her to be patient with the $1 trillion dollar Infrastructure bill. He has to continue to tell Elaine that her project is currently third on the list. He has to tell her that her husband could easily get the Infrastructure bill ready for execution as soon as he takes care of Repeal and Replace and Tax Reform.

Elaine is very impatient! She knows that her name will be etched in stone once America is rebuilt. They will name a bride and highway after her.

Mitch also realizes his reputation is on the line. He knows damn well that the current Kentucky Governor, Bevin, with the backing of our president would primary his ass in 2020! Bevin is at every event our President has hosted. He was at the rally in Louisville. He was on the tarmac in Ohio last week when our President talked about Obamacare. He actually used a family from Louisville, KY in his speech. Sean Spicer took a question from a Kentucky reporter that had the audacity to ask about the relationship between our President and Governor Bevin yesterday.

Last night while in bed with Elaine, he had to hear the Handel folks chant TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP for over 10 seconds. It was awkward for Karen. She looked to her husband for help. She finally disrupted the chant by referencing that our VP also deserved credit. Elaine at that point told Mitch to get the hell out of bed and go sleep with the dogs.

WOW! It seems to be working:

From the article linked above:

Senate Republican leaders on Thursday morning will post online their proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday.

The bill should be available by 9:30 a.m., and Senate Majority Leader John Cornyn, R-Texas, told reporters a price tag for the GOP proposal is expected Friday from the Congressional Budget Office.

McConnell is calling the plan a “discussion draft,” and said Tuesday a vote on legislation could happen as early as next week.

McConnell said Obamacare must be changed because it is collapsing and becoming unaffordable.

“For the past seven years Republicans have offered ideas for a better way forward,” McConnell said. “Soon we will finally have the chance to turn the page on this

The Republican Candidate Will Win the GA 6 Congressional Election

I am very confident about Karen Handel winning the 6th Congressional Election in GA on Tuesday. Here are my reasons:

Take this twitter poll that just concluded with 44,954 votes. A liberal with a following of 10,598 snowflakes started the poll. His profile read’s “I’m genderless – does that trigger you? • Otherwise a humanist, designer, writer and technologist.” Dublin City, Ireland

The results speak for themselves.

There is one identical polling company that was used twice on the following dates: May 22nd and June 13th (WXIA-TV/SurveyUSA).

On May 22nd Ossoff was up 7 points (51 to 44).

On June 13th the race was tied (47 to 47).

That means Ossoff lost 7 points in three weeks. What happened during that three weeks? Kathy Griffin and the image of her holding our President’s severed head. The Julius Caesar play aired in Central Park where Caesar’s character is shown to be our President. Comey’s testimony and absolute failure that vindicated our President. Also a very effective 31 second commercial that is being aired daily by the Handel campaign (see below).

Obamacare is a major factor for voters and the situation is bad for Georgia.

From the article linked above:

Blue Cross is the only statewide health insurer in the Georgia exchange, and is the sole exchange offering in 96 of the 159 counties.

Comments from comment section in the article linked above:

1) Blue Cross/Anthem is THE ONLY Ins. Co. left in Georgia that offers Single Payer Plans. Humana left, Aetna split. I was with Humana paying $650/MO. W/$1500 Ded. When they left, Blue Cross offered same exact plan to me for $810/MO. — One difference… they pay for NO prescriptions. So, they now have a monopoly and politicians are afraid to confront them for our sake.

I ask – Why Would ANY Company Leave A SweetHeart Deal Like That.?
Yes they are gangsters, corrupt beyond imagination but they are still in business to make $$. & they are doing that. If they want more money, they just drop Plans & replace them with more expensive ones that cover less. They aren’t stupid. They’re just run of the mill assholes.

2) If Blue Cross exits the exchanges in Georgia Obamacare pretty much dead here. A large part of the state will have no plans to see and only Kaiser and one other insurer will be left. Kaiser is mostly in the Atlanta area and not sure where the other insurer is but I don’t think they are over the entire state. Blue Cross was the only insurer that was in every county.

The most recent poll I referenced above doesn’t even factor the shooting in Alexandria, VA where Republican politicians were the target. Liberals and Democrats have decided to use the incident to cry about gun control. In Georgia, this only helps Karen Handel.

Georgia also has a strict voter Id law

From the article linked above:


Any valid state or federal government issued photo ID, including a free ID Card issued by your county registrar’s office or the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)
A Georgia Driver’s License, even if expired
Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. Government, Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state
Valid U.S. passport ID
Valid U.S. military photo ID
Valid tribal photo ID

The Snowflakes decided to try and get paper ballots used instead of the DRE. Please keep in mind that the Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, is a Republican that has ambitions of running for Governor in 2018.–regional-govt–politics/judge-dismisses-paper-ballot-lawsuit-georgia-6th-district/KDbQb7vQYL87fsnc3hPqoO/

From the article linked above:

“During my time as Secretary of State, I have worked tirelessly to ensure security at the ballot box,” Kemp said. “When this group and Ivy League professors tried to disrupt the 6th District runoff, we fought them in court and won. I applaud the judge for finding what we already know: Our voting machines in Georgia are safe and accurate.”​

Georgia uses touch-screen direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines. The state committed to the machines in 2002 when it last overhauled its elections system. At the same time, it eliminated a paper trail of recorded votes. Cybersecurity experts who testified at the hearing said one way Georgia could mitigate concerns about the machines is by having some sort of paper trail that voters could verify as being correct.

Folks we aren’t losing!


WE are WINNING! The future is so BRIGHT!

Folks we are WINNING and it is really miraculous when you step back and realize it!

Generation Z is the workforce that will embrace our Lion’s Apprenticeship program and carry Trumpism forward for the next 50+ years. It is truly a marriage made in HEAVEN!

From the article linked above:

You know all those teenagers with their face plastered in their iPhones, the ones skateboarding everywhere and whiling away their free time playing video games? Turns out they’re actually paying attention to politics — and they aren’t big fans of the only political party they’ve known up until now, the Democrats.

A new national survey by My College Options and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation gathered info from a whopping 50,000 “Generation Z” high school students ages 14 to 18 to gauge their political attitudes on the 2016 election. In what will surely be a surprise to the older generations yelling at Gen Z to get off our lawns, the survey found that a majority identify as Republican.

While all these kids will be able to vote in the 2020 election, let’s take first-time voters alone to start. The survey found that 46 percent of the 18-year-olds surveyed voted for Trump; just 31 percent went for Hillary Clinton. Sure, 6 percent said they “would choose not to vote in this election,” but just 11 percent went third party.

THIS IS AMERICANA at its best! Our Lion preparing the way for the future! I got so emotional when I watched that video knowing that the future is bright and AMERICANS will fulfill those 6 million plus jobs because of the Apprenticeship Program! Their kids will be told about the Lion that saved America. They will be brought up in homes that parents are financially able to make it and prosper.

Here is an image that shows the love between our Lion and his cub (Generation Z)!


Our President Was So Right in His Speech Today….. Obamacare is DEAD!

There is so much going on today but it is really important that you listen to the speech our President gave about Obamacare at the airport today. Our President is a fighter and he realizes that his opponent (Democrats and Republican Senators) did not prepare for a 15 round fight. We are in round 13 and the body blows our President has been throwing through the first 12 rounds have the opponent unwilling to put their guard to protect their head because of the pain their ribs and kidneys are feeling.

Don’t get caught up with all this BS about not having enough votes to pass a bill for repeal and replace. As much as the GOPe in the Senate want to kill the repeal bill and replace bill, the pressure will be so great because every single week that goes by, more and more of these stories will be unfolding.

What an incredible job using two actual families that have been destroyed because of Obamacare. The family from Dayton, Ohio went from having a plan and a doctor they loved. They lost both in 2013! If the wife, that just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, wanted to keep her doctor, it would have cost $50,000 a year because of Obamacare. The family’s premium has quadrupled and their deductible is a staggering $15,000 a year.

The second family is from Louisville, Kentucky. The husband owns a business that provided incredible choices for his 11 employees with quality healthcare prior to Obamacare. Because of Obamacare, those 11 employees have less choices and their premiums have gone up by 150%. The owner can’t afford to hire any additional employees because of Obamacare.

Our President also shared that 93,650 families paid $16.5 million dollars in penalty costs rather than buying health insurance for their families through Obamacare. He said that the Democrats are complete OBSTRUCTIONISTS. He also gave credit to the Republican House and expects the Republican Senate to pass a bill that will eventually land on his desk.

Some other great news from today! This is HUGE because it will literally destroy Obamacare in many more states.

There could be a tidal wave of terrible news coming for Obamacare

The Ohio counties joined a large swath of eastern Missouri that lost coverage after the exit of Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City in May.

An exchange with no insurer is a seriously worrying prospect for any insurance market. People on the exchange currently would likely lose their coverage next year if no other insurer steps in. While it is likely they would not have to pay the ACA’s tax penalty, these people would not see the benefits of coverage.

Given Anthem’s political worries, there is a strong possibility the insurer could pull out of the other 13 states where they provide exchange plans if issues aren’t resolved in Washington by the time the company has to submit its 2018 plans in late June.

Obamacare is DEAD and There Isn’t Anything They Can Do About it

Don’t get caught up with all this BS about not having enough votes to pass a bill for repeal and replace. As much as the GOPe in the Senate want to kill the repeal bill and replace bill, the pressure will be so great because every single week that goes by, more and more of these stories will be unfolding.

From the article linked above:

Anthem, the largest health insurance provider in Ohio, is pulling out of the state health insurance exchange next year — leaving 20 of the state’s 88 counties without an insurer.

It offered individual plans in all 88 Ohio counties in 2017 — and in 20 of them Anthem is the only insurer offering plans.

And by the way, this is the first state of 14 that Anthem will be pulling out of. Anthem is killing them by deciding one at a time rather than pulling the band aid off all at once.

A new analyst report says there is reason to believe that major Obamacare insurer Anthem “is leaning toward exiting a high percentage” of the insurance regions where it currently sells individual health plans.

If that happens, millions of Obamacare customers and potential customers would be left in 2018 with even fewer choices of insurers than they have now.

Anthem currently insures more than 800,000 individual plan customers in 144 rating regions in 14 states.

Other major insurers, including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna and Humana, have already scaled back their footprints in the Obamacare markets.

But Anthem’s exit would potentially have a bigger impact.

Is Lady Justice Truly Blind? We Will Soon Find Out

The SC will make their ultimate decision not based on any damn tweet our President wrote when he was a candidate or since he has become president. The LSM are getting the hopes of their radical followers up for another ultimate failure. They are trying to convince them that the SC will use his tweets against him.

I have not a doubt in the world that the SC will lift the restriction on the ban soon after the briefs have to be submitted on June 12th. There should be 9 justices that vote in favor of it. However, there are a couple of loonies that may not. At that point they can still wait for October since the urgency is gone but will probably do so prior because the left will be losing their minds. This decision is so much bigger than our President. The fact that the lower courts were moronic to state that had it been any other President, they would have ruled in favor of the EO means this decision determines the faith of Lady Justice herself.

That is why I am so confident we will win soon after the 12th and again when the court hears the case! Hopefully this is resolved in time for Justice Kennedy to retire and go off into the sunset so that we can get another conservative judge to replace him. It will either be Judge Thomas Hardiman or Judge William Pryor.

If you would like to read up on them, checkout the link below.

From the article linked above:

Pryor is arguably the most controversial pick among the leading candidates for the nomination. Choosing him would assuage conservatives who want Trump to swing the court sharply to the right.

The view should hearten gun rights advocates and would appeal to Trump’s political base. During the campaign, Trump vowed to fight gun control efforts as president and protect the Second Amendment.

Only 10% of Police Officers in London Carry a Gun

Folks, if i told you that 90% of Police Officers in the City of London cannot carry guns, you would think I was crazy and spreading FAKE NEWS! I wish I was……

From the article linked above:

LONDON — The London Bridge attack and a similar one in March near the heart of Britain’s democracy may have been shocking, but authorities have known for years that such incidents were coming.

Last year — when Brits watched terrorists strike France, Germany, and Belgium — London’s police chief warned it was a case of “when, not if” the U.K. joined that list.

And yet more than 90 percent of the capital’s police officers carry out their daily duties without a gun. Most rely on other tools to keep their city safe: canisters of mace, handcuffs, batons and occasionally stun-guns.

Yet at the press conference today, multiple questions where asked of Sarah about our President’s tweet and intentions of picking a fight with the mayor. You truly can’t fix stupid and this is as bad as it gets! Terrorist attacks will continue to happen monthly as long as the Jihadist face no opposition from the police!