Folks Don’t Allow Your Emotions On DACA Get In the Way Of What It Means For Trumpism For the Next 50+ Years

I want people to realize that if our President gets the Wall, additional Border Patrol Agents, Technology for the border, additional ICE Agents, end of Chain Migration, end of Lottery Visa & Merit Based Immigration for DACA, TRUMPISM will happen for 50+ years!

I decided to take a look at where the 800,000 DACA recipients live and what would have happened in the 2016 Presidential Election if each and everyone of them voted and all of them voted for HRC.

California – Doesn’t matter because our President lost the state.

Texas – Our President won by 807,179. He still would have won after the DACA votes by 686,176.

Illinois – Doesn’t matter because our President lost the state.

New York – Doesn’t matter because our President lost the state.

Florida – Our President won by 112,911. He still would have won after the DACA votes by 79,911.

Arizona – Our President won by 91,234. He still would have won after the DACA votes by 63,234.

North Carolina – Our President won by 173,315. He still would have won after the DACA votes by 146,315.

Georgia – Our President won by 211,141. He still would have won after the DACA votes by 187,141.

New Jersey – Doesn’t matter because our President lost the state.

Washington – Doesn’t matter because our President lost the state.

He still would have won every other state including the three closest margins; Michigan (since there are only 6,430 DACA recipients), Wisconsin (since there are only 7,565 DACA recipients) and Pennsylvania (since there are only 5,889 DACA recipients).

Also this Puerto Ricans flipping Florida is a complete myth. The data states a different story of how far Republican registered voters have come in closing the gap with Democrats from November 2016 up until November 2017.

As of November 30, 2017

Republicans – 4,550,146
Democrats – 4,815,749
Independents – 3,447,811

Difference between Democrats versus Republicans = 265,603

As of November 2016

Republicans – 4,575,277
Democrats – 4,905,705
Independents – 3,478,203

Difference between Democrats versus Republicans = 330,428

That means we picked up 64,825 more registered Republicans from 2016 up until 11/30/17.



Our President Has Just Played the Democrat Party & RINOs! What He Will Do To Immigration Going Forward Will Be Incredible….

DACA is the one issue that splits many of our President’s supporters. I for one think that ending Chain Migration and going to a Merit Based Immigration System will have benefits for not only our country but more importantly the Republican Party which is the Trump Party and will be the Trump Party for the next 50+ years because of Generation Z that are now between the ages of birth to 20 years of age (70+ million). They absolutely can’t get enough of our President. Many of them were raised during the Bush and Obama Presidencies. All they have seen is war in the ME, terrorism engulf our way of life, parent(s) that barely could make ends meet and no hope for the future. All of that is changing under the Presidency of DJT. America is coming back better and stronger than it ever was. Just imagine where this country will be after 7 more years.

Changing the face of future immigrants from Central and South America to Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, India etc.) and Eastern European (Poland, Romania, Croatia, Check Republic, Bulgaria, etc.) will change the prototypical voter for generations to come. These folks are traditionalist. They are conservative by nature. Think of the love and admiration that out President has in countries like China, India, Japan, South Korea and especially Poland. Our education system will see a tremendous boost as well. This in my mind is key to TRUMPISM surviving for the next 50+ years. These people will see our President as a HERO. That will be passed on from generation to generation. Every future Republican that wants to run for President will have to run on the TRUMP platform. We have those types of Republicans in the pipeline. Devin Nunes, Ron DeSantis, Ryan Zinke, Lou Barletta, Rick Scott etc.

Having the WALL completely funded and getting additional technology as well as additional Border Patrol Agents and ICE Agents will allow our President to literally clean out a large number of the illegals currently here. They will have no incentive to remain. We are chocking them off day by day. Cities and states that have sanctuary policies are a gift. Our ICE Agents are able to go in and take anyone and everyone out and those localities can’t report or say anything about it. This causes many of them to self deport. Just imagine what the numbers will look like on our President’s final day in office on January 20, 2025. People will be absolutely shocked. More importantly once the WALL goes up, it will never come down.

Getting rid of the Visa Lottery is a plus in so many ways. Our President is right that these damn countries send nothing but their worse to us. That will no longer be the case going forward. I could go on and on but if in the end allowing these 800,000 that are considered DACA recipients to be able to remain and be able to apply for citizenship is well worth the trade for everything that I described above in my post. Don’t think for one second that every single one of them will vote for Democrats. Even if they do, they a majority already reside in some of the most Blue States out there. I believe many will realize that it took PDJT to accomplish for them what BHO never could. They no longer have to worry about their future and whether they will be able to remain. Having that piece of mind means everything in the world.

The Executioner Or the Loaded Gun On the Nightstand Is Getting One Step Closer…………

A must read thread below:

Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley were quoted in the link above:

Chuck Grassley:

“Everyone needs to follow the law and be truthful in their interactions with the FBI. If the same actions have different outcomes, and those differences seem to correspond to partisan political interests, then the public will naturally suspect that law enforcement decisions are not on the up-and-up. Maybe there is some innocent explanation for the inconsistencies we have seen, but it seems unlikely. In any event, it’s up to the Justice Department to figure that out.”

Lindsey Graham:

“I believe that a special counsel needs to review this matter. The rule of Law depends on the government and all who work on its behalf playing by the rules themselves. I hope the Department of Justice will carefully review our letter and take appropriate action,”

If you are Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe or any other agent and FBI Lawyer (Lisa Page) or any other lawyer involved in the questioning of Christopher Steele, your insides are being eaten alive. There is no way in the world that you can hold down any food. You know damn well based on the quotes above that the REAL target of Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham are you and not Christopher Steele. They used words such as on the up and up, innocent explanation for the inconsistencies, the government and its employees playing by the rules themselves.

I truly believe it is just a matter of time before one of these TREASONOUS POSs decides to take his/her own life. As they try to sleep this weekend, their minds continue to haunt them. Thoughts and scenarios play themselves out. However, all the roads lead to either Life in Prison or the Death Penalty. The only escape is the gun that is laying on their nightstand. It continues to cry out to them that if used, they will be able to rest and escape the Executioner. It is just a matter of time before the gun and the bullet with their name on it prevails.

The Democrats Are Going To Regret the Day That They ALL Voted NO On the Tax Reform Bill! Red Wave Here We Come……

Folks the Democrats truly screwed the pooch by all being against the Tax Reform Bill! Not a single one of them can take an ounce of credit for what has happened and what will continue to happen. How the hell will they try to justify their decision to their constituents as they run for reelection. That decision may cause a RED WAVE in November.

From the article linked above:

Nearly 100 Companies Giving Back More Due To Tax Breaks, DOW Breaks Records, New Jobs Soar, Layoffs Crash, Manufacturing Booms

There are five economic indicators that show the economy is incredibly strong right now under the Trump administration:

1. Dow Hits 25,000 For The First Time Ever

2. Job Creation In December Smashed Expectations

3. Job-Cut Announcements In 2017 See Lowest Level Since 1990

4. Manufacturing In The U.S. Had Its Best Year In 2017 Since 2004

5. Approximately 100 Companies Have Announced Or Are Planning To Announce Bonuses, Wage Hikes, And Charitable Donations Due To GOP Tax Reform

The list of companies, compiled by Americans for Tax Reform, includes: AT&T, AAON, AccuWeather, Aflac, American Airlines, American Bank, American Savings Bank, Aquesta Financial Holdings, Associated Bank, Ball Ventures, Bank of America, Bank of Hawaii, Bank of the James, BB&T, Boeing, Canary LLC, Carl Black Automotive Group, Citizens Financial Group, Colling Pest Solutions, Comcast, Comerica Bank, Commerce Bank, Community Trust Bancorp, Copperleaf Assisted Living, Cornerstone Holdings, Dayton T. Brown Inc., Delaware Supermarkets Inc., DePatco Inc., Eagle Ridge Ranch, East Idaho News, Elite Roofing Systems, Elite Clinical Trials, Emkay Inc., Ennis Inc., Express Employment Professionals, Fifth Third Bancorp, FirstCapital Bank of Texas, First Farmers Bank & Trust, First Financial Northwest, First Hawaiian Bank, First Horizon National Corp., Frank L. VanderSloot Foundation, Fort Ranch, Gardner Company, Gate City Bank, Get Found First, HarborOne Bank, IAT Insurance Group, INB Bank, InUnison Inc., Kansas City Southern, Kauai Cattle LLC, Melaleuca, Move It Or Lose It Moving LLC, National Bank Holdings Corporation, Nationwide Insurance, Natural Guardian, Navient, Nelnet, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, OceanFirst Financial Corp., Ohnward Bancshares, Old Dominion Freight Line Inc., Pinnacle Bank, Pioneer Credit Recovery, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., Regions Financial Corporation, Resident Construction LLC, Riverbend Communications, Riverbend Management, Inc., Riverbend Ranch, Riverbend Services, Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry, Rush Enterprises, Sheffer Corporation, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Smith Chevrolet, Smith Honda, Smith RV, Southwest Airlines, Steel Design LLC, SunTrust, TCF Financial Corporation, The Flood Insurance Agency, Territorial Savings Bank, Texas Capital Bank, Tokio Marine HCC, Total System Services, Turning Point Brands, Inc., Unity Bank, U.S. Bancorp, Washington Federal, Wells Fargo, Western Alliance, Willow Creek Woodworks, Windsor Federal Savings, and Zions Bank.

The LION Gets Up And TEARS THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYBODY! Folks Justice Will Prevail Because This Is As Personal As It Gets For Our President…………

Sundance thank you so much for bringing all of this stuff together for us!

Understanding The Context of Devin Nunes Requests – Obama’s 2016 DOJ/FBI Spying Operation…

Admiral Mike Rogers is the GREATEST WHITE HAT of them all in my book. The fact that these treasonous bastards thought they were going to have him be the fall guy makes my cold anger run extremely hot. The Great Admiral was able to screw all of them because of his love for his country. He knew something terrible was going on. He had his folks do an internal review. He took the details of that review to the proper authorities. He shut down their ability to continue to use “About Queries” so that these treasonous bastards could no longer spy on our President and his team once he was elected on November 8, 2016. The Admiral felt the need to let the new Commander-In-Chief know what was happening on November 18th. Admiral Mike Rogers’ deserves the highest award possible when all these POS are prosecuted for TREASON. In my book, he should be promoted to the rank of a 5 Star Admiral. Thank you God for allowing our President to win and allowing PATRIOTS like Admiral Mike Rogers to head the most powerful division in the world!

John Carlin should be immediately executed once he is found guilty! Just think what his life is like today. As well as Peter Strzok and anyone else that tried to pin all of this on Admiral Rogers! The man with all the power in the world that is loved by our President and who is a HERO to our country knows damn well what they tried to do to him. These POS must be dying from the inside out. As soon as the hammer falls in the very near future, I can’t see these animals allowing themselves to be tried for Treason. I truly believe many will commit suicide. Their insides and the inability to eat and sleep will cause them to want it all to disappear. That sense of urgency to rest will allow them to pull the trigger.

The last thing that will go through many of their minds is why did that PUSSY, BHO, not listen to Carter and Clapper in October and eliminate Mike Rogers. That will be their last thought as the bullet escapes the chamber!

I still can see the look on Devin Nunes’ face when he spoke to the press after visiting the WH. He had a look on his face as if he saw the Devil himself. He must have seen emails and texts from Barron, Melania, Don Jr., Tiffany, Eric etc. those emails and texts were just about everyday life. Yet these POS wanted to view them in the hope that they could bury OUR PRESIDENT! Think about that for one second when you say to yourself that nothing will happen. Look at our Lion’s reaction yesterday to TRAITOR Bannon. These POS will get the death penalty if it is allowed based on the charges that are brought forward! Don’t doubt for one second that nothing is going to happen! They were going after our Lion’s family. Our Lion is going to “TEAR THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYBODY”!

Listen closely at the 2:10 mark of the video above what happens when the Lion gets up!

The Economic Train Could Careless About the Winter Cold or Anything Else Going On Around the World! MAGAnomics Is Incredible To Watch………………

Folks the Economic Train could careless about what is going on around the world. It has taken off and promises to make 2018 even better than 2017. The Atlanta Federal Reserve just moved their 4th Quarter GDP prediction from 2.8% to 3.2%.

You will see two tweets below that say that the Atlanta Federal Reserve is way off in their prediction. They are seeing a 4th Quarter coming in closer to 5% GDP. If we pop a number close to 5% for the 4th Quarter, we have every chance in the world for the annual GDP for 2017 to reach 3%. Something Barry from Kenya wasn’t able to accomplish in his 8 MISERABLE years.

Construction spending is beating estimates. Our Manufacturing Index is at a 14 year high. Of the 18 manufacturing industries, 16 reported growth in December. Take a look at what these industries have to say about 2018 and beyond. MAGAnomics is taking hold across our Great Country once again.

From the article linked above:

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) manufacturing index (PMI) easily beat the median forecast rising 1.5 points to 59.7 in December, with new orders hitting a 14-year high. New orders also posted their seventh straight reading above 60 reading and nearly broke 70 at 69.4.

Panel Responses:

“Our business is moving higher into the new year. Increased sales are resulting in increased purchases of CapEx and raw materials.” (Chemical Products)

“Strong international sales — Europe and Australia — versus last two years. U.S. sales continue to grow. Seeing commodity pricing pressures.” (Machinery)

“We are seeing a ramp-up with companies releasing early 2018 spend now.” (Computer & Electronic Products)

“Business conditions are good; we are tracking well to our projections for the year.” (Miscellaneous Manufacturing)

“First quarter 2018 probably will be better than the fourth quarter 2017.” (Fabricated Metal Products)

“Domestic and international sales on the rise.” (Transportation Equipment)

“Economy [is] strong and business is strong, yet signals of headwinds in 2018 are persistent.” (Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products)

“All suppliers are reporting strong business activity and difficulties obtaining qualified employees.” (Paper Products)

“Demand at this time is strong in the construction part of our business. I think it is due to the impact of the hurricanes and the rebuild and new construction that is required.” (Plastics & Rubber Products)

From the article linked above:

Construction spending during November 2017 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,257.0 billion, 0.8% (±1.2%)* above the revised October estimate of $1,247.1 billion. The U.S. Census Bureau report shows across-the-board strength in both private and public construction spending.

Economists had pegged the range from a low of -0.3% to a high of 0.8%, with the median forecast 0.6%.

The November figure is 2.4% (±1.5%) above the November 2016 estimate of $1,227.0 billion. During the first eleven months of this year, construction spending amounted to $1,138.3 billion, 4.2% (±1.0%) above the $1,091.9 billion for the same period in 2016.

The White Hats In Congress & the IC Are About To Bring Them All Down For Treason Against Our President & the USA 🇺🇸!

Rep. Devin Nunes will go down in the history books as the man that saved the country and our President during his first month in office. These POS truly believed they were going to be able to sell the Muh Russia story and have our President impeached. Devin Nunes went directly to the WH after reviewing the unmasked documents. He then went in front of the cameras and told the world that what he saw had absolutely NOTHING to do with Russia. He looked scared out of his mind by what he saw. This allowed our Lion 🦁 to go on the offensive and nuke BHO with those four tweets in early March. Telling the world what he knew and that was the fact Barry wiretapped Trump Tower.

Our President was informed about the wiretapping by another American Patriot and White Hat, Head of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers on November 18th. Without mentioning anything to Barry, Brennan, Clapper, Comey etc. he went and told our Lion 🦁. The next day our President picked up his transition team and moved the operation to his property in NJ. At that point they knew that our President knew.

Senator Chuck Grassley was ready to kill Comey when he was testifying in front of his committee. Grassley pointed out that citizen Grassley would get what he asked for from the FBI before Senator Grassley would. Comey smiled as if to say that is right you dumb fool. At that moment if Grassley had a gun he would have shot Comey. He has and continues to bang the drums for Andrew McCabe. Our Lion 🦁 trust’s him. He even allowed our Wolverines to speak with him about our trade negotiations.

Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan have very bright futures in the Repubican Party. Our Lion 🦁 recently tweeted that Ron DeSanctis should run for Governor of Florida. Jim Jordan has a bright future not just in the a House but could be a Senator from the great state of Ohio.

Would it shock anyone to see a Nunes/DeSantis ticket sometime down the road.

Folks the White Hats are fighting for us, our President and our country! Justice will prevail! These animals are going to go down. You bring some of their wives in and tell them they will have a choice between the Gas Chamber, Electrocution or Firing Squad if they don’t start talking and telling us everything they know and who was involved. Let them sit and watch actual executions using the different methods. Let them know before testifying that if any of it turns out to be a lie, the choice will no longer be theirs. If they are truthful and forthcoming, they will spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison for TREASON against the United States 🇺🇸 of America.


The Entire House of Cards Is About To Come Down For the POSs Responsible For TREASON Against the USA 🇺🇸………

The entire House of Cards is about to come thumbing down! Rep. Devin Nunes will go into the history books as the one man that had the guts to stand up to the corruption of our Government during BHO’s reign of terror. If it wasn’t for this man, Lindsey Graham would not have been able to say what he said last night on Tucker’s show.

Also don’t ever forget that the greatest White Hat of them all has the goods on every single one of these POS! He made sure our President was aware of what they were doing on November 18, 2016. On November 19th, our President moved his entire operation from Trump Tower to his property in NJ. That tells me all I need to know. The man is a proud Admiral that loves his country and our President.

Folks the White Hats are fighting for us, our President and our country! Justice will prevail! These animals are going to go down. You bring some of their wives in and tell them they will have a choice between the Gas Chamber, Electrocution or Firing Squad if they don’t start talking and telling us everything they know and who was involved. If any of it turns out to be a lie, the choice will no longer be theirs and life in prison is off the table. If they are truthful and forthcoming, they will spend the rest of their lives in prison for TREASON against the United States 🇺🇸 of America.

From the article linked above:

The Justice Department was not forthcoming, to say the least. But with an assist from the aggressive efforts of House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, the Justice Department was finally persuaded/cajoled/forced to reveal at least some of the requested information.

In a Fox News interview Friday night, Graham strongly suggested there is something untoward in the dossier material. Noting that special counsel Robert Mueller is not investigating the dossier – “That’s not part of his charter” – Graham said he, Graham, has finally gotten a look at the origins and use of the document:

I’ve spent some time in the last couple of days, after a lot of fighting with the Department of Justice, to get the background on the dossier, and here’s what I can tell your viewers: I’m very disturbed about what the Department of Justice did with this dossier, and we need a special counsel to look into that, because that’s not in Mueller’s charter. And what I saw, and what I’ve gathered in the last couple of days, bothers me a lot, and I’d like somebody outside DOJ to look into how this dossier was handled and what they did with it.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Graham, “So, you’ve found out something you did not know?

“Yes,” Graham answered.

Kilmeade asked whether Graham was disturbed by the contents of the dossier or how the Justice Department used it in the Trump-Russia investigation.

“I’ve been a lawyer most of my life, a prosecutor, and a defense attorney,” Graham began. He continued:

And the one thing I can say, every prosecutor has a duty to the court to disclose things that are relevant to the request. So any time a document is used to go to court, for legal reasons, I think the Department of Justice owes it to the court to be up-and-up about exactly what this document is about, who paid for it, who’s involved, what their motives might be. And I can just say this: After having looked at the history of the dossier, and how it was used by the Department of Justice, I’m really very concerned, and this cannot be the new normal.

What, precisely, did Graham mean? A well-informed source would not explain beyond Graham’s words, and a Justice Department source did not respond to a request for comment.

But by discussing when “a document is used to go to court,” Graham seemed to refer to the dossier and the FISA court. And he seemed to suggest that, if the FBI used revelations from the dossier to secure a warrant to spy on Americans, it was not fully transparent about the source of those revelations, which was an opposition-research project funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign. FBI and Justice Department officials have told Congress they have not been able to verify the dossier’s substantive allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Further, Graham found the dossier affair serious enough to warrant an entirely new investigation. It’s not in Mueller’s charter, Graham said. And Graham does not appear to trust the Justice Department to investigate itself on this particular issue.

In any event, the efforts pushed by Nunes and the Senate show that Congress, if it is aggressive, can investigate a matter like this. And there are still several more aggressive actions Congress can pursue, if it wants to uncover the full extent of the Trump dossier matter.

Early Predictions For 2018! What Will Yours Be…………

1) GDP will end the year in 2018 at 4%. Just today Bloomberg radio had to state that the annual GDP rate for 2018 has been revised from 2.8% to 3.2%. We know how difficult it was for them to admit that. They definitely are low balling the %.
2) A Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill will be passed by the end of May for nearly $1T dollars. Of which $200 Billion from the Federal Government, $100 Billion from States and close to $700 Billion from Private Investors.
3) There will be low level arrests in the FBI and DOJ plus the Clinton email scandal and U1 being reopened and investigated again. Mueller will have no further arrests and the SC will come to an end.
4) I LOVE our President’s tweet today that there will be NO DACA agreement without funding for the WALL and the end of Chain Migration and Visa Lottery. However, Democrats can’t agree and they will throw DACA under the bus and refuse to come to an agreement.
5) SC Justice Kennedy will announce his retirement on June 30th! Our President will select another incredible Conservative Justice in his/her late 40s early 50s who will be confirmed before October. We get all 51 Republican votes. No Democrat comes on board.
6) We will keep our current margin in the House and will grow our Senate margin by 5 seats! We will lose NV but we will hold onto AZ and every other Republican seat. We will beat the incumbent in ND, IN, MO, FL, WV and OH! Crazy prediction is we grow by 6 in the Senate and pull off a Republican seat in MN.
7) We will be deep into discussions with NK to the point an agreement looks imminent sometime in early 2019.
8) NAFTA will be eliminated! We will have a bilateral agreement signed with Canada but not with Mexico by the end of 2018.