The Press Walked Into Their Own Funeral Today Without Even Knowing It

Folks what occurred this weekend in VA was meant to be the summer’s version of “Pussy Cat 🐱 Gate” from October of last year. Muh Russia has regrettably died for them. NK was touch and go but was looking really bad after our President called President Xi on Friday to tell him he was going to move forward on Monday with a 301 on China 🇨🇳. The likelihood of a war happening on the 15th of August because NK would send four missiles towards Guam 🇬🇺 was beginning to die a slow death 💀. There was no way in hell that the Left, Uniparty, Big Club, CoC, Globalist and MSM were going to allow our President to look victorious this week. Not with NAFTA starting on Wednesday. Sundance from is right that there are trillions at stake.

They never in their right minds expected the DOJ to begin an investigation on the incident that occurred in VA. They never dreamed in a million years that the mother of the young girl that died would be thanking our President for his kind words. They never thought our President would call out the White Supremacist and the driver of the car. Today was their funeral that they walked into. Our President was able to discuss his incredible economic accomplishments to date. Talk about how he is singlehandedly destroying the red tape to fix our roads, airports, railways, tunnels etc. This sends a clear message that not a single penny of that trillion dollars will go to anything other than our Infrastructure.

He decided that he would skip breakfast 🍳 because he was going to eat the press for lunch and dinner. He came prepared for the battle. He had his speech from Saturday in his jacket pocket. He knew which little mushrooms to call on to get his wrath unleashed. He destroyed Barry and Soros’ minions by referring to them as the Alt Left. Anytime these creatures decide to burn down a city or destroy another statue, he will be able to tweet that the Alt Left is at it again and the MSM are taking a pass because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Our President defended the South and everything they hold dear to them. He decided to put George Washington on trial since he owned slaves. He knew that would trigger the useful idiot from CNN. He decided to tow with the idiot before devouring him by asking whether Thomas Jefferson would be appropriate to have removed since he owned slaves as well.

The Democrat Party and the Uniparty were dying watching the press fall all over themselves in rage. They knew damn well that the entire South is gone and the entire Rust Belt as well. There is nothing they can do to get them back!


The Sledgehammer of TRUTH Is About to Drop on the Left, MSM, Uniparty, CoC, Big Club and Globalist

Folks, it is absolutely all falling apart for the Left, Uniparty, MSM, Globalist, Big Club etc! Everything right now is all Noise to try and distract from the truth. There is absolutely nothing and I mean nothing that they can do to save NAFTA starting this morning. Canada 🇨🇦, Mexico 🇲🇽, the Lobbyist, CoC can make all the threats in the world. Our President and his killers have such leverage that it is truly mind boggling.

China 🇨🇳 and the Panda 🐼 today got a taste of reality right across their face! The call on Friday from our Lion 🦁 to the Panda 🐼 was to make sure they took the weekend to digest their reality and put their little man child in restraints. Fat Boy was told to turn down the rhetoric or die. He did exactly that.

Meanwhile Muh Russia is about to eat them one by one. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video with Tucker Carlson, you can find it below.

Deplorables rightfully wonder if justice will be served. My answer is a resounding YES! Our President is letting them all hang themselves. Our President knew all of this the day the great White Hat by the name of NSA Director, Admiral Michael Rogers, showed up to meet with him on November 17th! Please recall that Admiral Rogers never fully committed to the Muh Russia conspiracy. Unlike Clapper, Brennan and Comey. He basically told us that day it was 💩. He had to go along with the plan in order for all the RATS to come out of the closet.

The RAISE Act was ready back in early February. Our President purposely sat on it until a few days before the August break. Why wait six months? He knew that DACA was going to be litigated in Judge Hanen’s Federal Court by AG Paxton from TX on September 5th. He also knew that the Republican RATS like Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, John McCain as well as the Democrats would be ready to deal on transforming the face of legal immigrants for generations to come.

I shared the paragraph above to make a point that HRC will be proven absolutely right that he will have us all hang by a noose. When that day occurs will be determined by our President for maximum effect! All he asks of us is to have patience and to BELIEVE in him because he would never lie to us!

I truly believe you will see the Sledgehammer of Truth dropped sometime in September next year! It will have the Democrats and Uniparty Republicans scrambling for cover knowing there is absolutely nothing they can do with the 2018 Elections only months away.

2018 Elections are truly for all the MARBLES! Getting that supermajority in the Senate will send shockwaves across the Establishment! Plus Mitch the Bitch, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham and others will be coming up for reelection in 2020. Having witnessed the 2018 Elections and the fact Heller, Flake and Lucifer are gone and replaced by Trump Republicans, there will be massive amounts of bills currently sitting in the Senate signed into law!

This will eliminate and future President from using the power of EOs since it is NOW legislation!

Here are the articles I referenced above :

Occam’s Razor – Did NSA Admiral Mike Rogers Warn Trump On November 17th, 2016?…

From the post linked above:

Sometimes the utilization of Timelines means you have to look at the new information with a keen awareness of specific events. In hindsight, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers may have notified Team Trump of Obama’s Intelligence Community (James Clapper and John Brennan) spying on their activity.

*Updated* CIA Director John Brennan Attempts To Justify His Agency Leaks To Media – “Duping Delight”…

From the post linked above:

NSA Director Rogers participates in session at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington. Again We Repeat. All indications lead to the conclusion that NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers is a ‘white hat’ in direct opposition to the corrupted intelligence of ODNI Clapper and CIA Director Brennan.

Admiral Rogers would not agree with Clapper/Brennan on the “high confidence” standard of intelligence assessment for the Russian Interference documents as compiled by Brennan and Clapper.

Remember also, it was Admiral Rogers who met with President-elect Donald Trump in New York the week after he won the election. A week earlier, Clapper was recommending to President Obama that Rogers should be fired.

Our President Kills Them Again Today! They Never Expected What He Is Doing With the FBI and DOJ in VA

Folks, the MSM, Uniparty and Globalist are crying this evening! They never for a minute expected our President, FBI under the new Director and DOJ to take on the case and whether the driver did what he did out of hate. They didn’t expect that and are mortified by that decision because the “Truth” will come out. They will drop this by COB today believe me!

Folks the fear is getting to a boiling point! Our President is on the cusp of taking care of an issue that has been around for 64 years. We are closer today to seeing this conclude than an actual war including nuclear weapons. That fear is driving all of this because once our President resolves NK, his complete attention will turn to IRAN 🇮🇷! Russia 🇷🇺 has been neutralized because of our Energy dominance and ability. They will work with our President to destroy Barry’s one last foreign legacy. The secrets that will come pouring out will drive Barry and his minions insane. Our President will have the backing of 75% of our country because of what he accomplished in NK. Don’t get distracted in this statement made by our President or Bannon, McMaster garbage. Israel 🇮🇱 and their great PM realize damn well what the plan is and are backing our President 100%.

Please read the newest thread Sundance from CTH but up (see below)! Our great leaders are doing an incredible job of bringing a solution to NK that no one could have ever imagined.

“TERMS” – Secretary Tillerson and Secretary Mattis Release Joint Remarks on North Korea…

Plus our President has it covered! See below what our VP is saying and the response from the crazy 😜 Ana Navarro. This tells me Our President did brilliantly today with this statement.

Here is more evidence that they are scared 😳 out of their minds! This one will make you laugh the rest of the day:

China Has Nearly 50 Ghost Cities

I watched this video yesterday and it completely blew me away! The Chinese economy is a paper tiger 🐯. There are so many ghost cities in China 🇨🇳. They build them and yet no one lives in them. They have to give their people jobs which allows them to build these cities and roads ensuring that their GDP remains high. Their economy is all make believe.

From the article linked above:

China has a number of would-be metropolises in the country. These grand cities have sprawling roadways, towering apartments and glimmering government buildings. These same places also lack inhabitants.

The spectacle of China’s “ghost cities” emits an eerie vibe. Eight-line streets with no cars, stadiums with no teams and parks with no people. A recent article in Wired explained the phenomenon, noting the Asian giant has built hundreds of new cities in the past three decades in an effort to urbanize the enormous country.

The hope is that urbanization can fuel economic growth. And its China’s prosperous growth that fueled the big empty cities in the first place. The BBC wrote in 2012 about how many of these places rose from “investment for investment’s sake.” Here’s how they described what happened:

Investment in infrastructure accounts for much of China’s GDP – the country is said to have built the equivalent of Rome every two months in the past decade. And with such a large pool of labour, it is harder to put the brakes on when growth slows and supply outstrips demand.

By the End of 2017, the Korean War Will Be a Thing of the Past

Folks if you have a branch in our Treehouse, it is so important that you read this post SD put up this evening. Only 48 comments leaves me concerned that many may have skipped over it. All of this stuff from Muh Russia to Mueller to the incident in VA to Lucifer’s last stand is nothing but White Noise! What our President is about to accomplish with NK will be studied for the next 100+ years.

Gordon Chang Rightly Explains The Key-holder to North Korea is China…

In the thread SD stated the following:

So we can safely predict that sometime in late fall, most likely before the ASEAN visit timeline in November, President Trump and Rex Tillerson will be engaged in a new round of Six Party Talks, initiated by request of the increasingly desperate China.

China will structure the DPRK talking points to set up the meetings. This is a part of how China is allowed to save face and sets up the magnanimous Panda narrative.

The six party talks will be essentially a Marshal Plan of sorts for North Korea. Japan, South Korea, The United States, China, Russia and North Korea will enter into a set of negotiations publicly sold as engaging in diplomacy and reducing tension.

President Trump (or T-Rex) will sit on the patio complimenting Xi Jinping (or deputy), and Russian, Japanese and South Korean emissaries.

Meanwhile, in the conference room, Secretary Wilbur Ross, USTR Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will play the role of Willy Wonka handing out the golden economic tickets to the representatives who all line up with their requests.

President Trump’s golf partner Shinzo Abe will already have his ticket, but he’ll play along. The only real negotiations will be between the U.S. Russia and China. Russia will be negotiating for higher regional energy prices to get their GDP growing again, and China negotiating to retain as much of the $500 billion trade surplus as possible.

The end result will be Kim Jong-un giving up his nuclear ambitions for good; the U.N. enters under carefully negotiated terms, and Big Panda promises to the world to be the magnanimous insurance policy therein. Everything between now and that outcome is optically chaff and countermeasures.

That’s essentially the way the bright economic and national security future looks today.

Then again, it might get brighter – gilded even.

After all, this is President Donald Trump we’re talking about.

I absolutely concur and have said the following since Friday evening:

China has also accepted their faith! Our President gave President Xi the courtesy on Friday to let him know what he is going to do on Monday. Xi asked if our President was still coming in November/December for the visit. Our President said yes. That trip doesn’t occur without NK being settled. Xi had the weekend to talk with the Communist Leaders to discuss next steps. We will see those steps shortly and our President will be going into the history books as the man that ended the 64 year old Korean War. China will also agree to hundreds of billions of dollars of coal and LNG to offset the trade discrepancy. It will be a win-win for both countries since China needs to purchase energy for their 1.7 billion people. Better to buy from America and allow our Lion 🦁 to brag about our ENERGY DOMINANCE!



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The MSM, Globalist, Uniparty, CoC etc. Are Losing and They Needed Something to Change the Narrative

Folks Sundance from has thought us all well that there are trillions of dollars at stake. Our President is on the cusp of either destroying China 🇨🇳 economically or having China 🇨🇳 step in and resolve this issue once and for all with NK. When I say resolve I am talking about putting an end to the 64 year old Korean War. Our President will agree to drastically reducing the numbers of troops in South Korea 🇰🇷 as long as NK is completely denuclearized and an agreement is reached that Nuclear Inspectors will have the ability to consistently monitor sites throughout NK. This will occur within the next few months. Our President gave President Xi the curtesy of knowing what he will announce on Monday. China 🇨🇳 has had to entire weekend to ponder their faith.

The MSM, Uniparty, Globalist, CoC and others are realizing that Muh Russia is gone and that the likelihood of a nuclear war is greatly diminished. They are also mortified that Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve can’t stop the Economic Train. Our President has spent the past two weeks tweeting about the Small Business Confidence, Manufacturing Confidence, Unemployment being at a 16 year low, 2.6% second quarter GDP, Stock Markets hitting all time highs, Apprenticeship Program beginning to take off. Energy exports at record levels.

Our President has also thrown the leader of the Republican Senate under the bus and drove over his body a few different times. He is about to pull off the greatest coup in the world by having Rick Perry move over to Homeland Security so that Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin of WV, can take over as Secretary of Energy allowing the NOW Republican Governor to place a Republican into his seat.

This would allow us to nullify Lucifer’s treacherous act on the Obamacare Skinny Repeal. Our President will have the Skinny Repeal added onto the Tax Reform Bill knowing he has 50 votes in the Senate since Manchin was replaced. The House will vote on the Skinny Repeal as well since it eliminates the taxes on individuals, businesses that employ 50 or more full time workers and the medical device taxes.

Also a poll that has scared them ALL to death recently released. In that poll three particular items made them want to commit suicide:

Hispanics approval rating at 42% (11% increase)
Black approval rating at 21% (remained the same)
Union Workers approval rating at 51% (8% increase)

That is why you saw what you saw today! They have nothing left and this crap 💩 will also fade away!


They Will Be Talking About This For Generations to Come! Our President Is Brilliant!

Our President is about to stake a knife into the side of the Democrats and Lucifer from AZ. Folks we may see the greatest 4D chess move ever seen in politics! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this coup will be.

Our President does the Boy Scouts Jamboree in WV in early July. At the same time, the Democrat Governor visits the WH twice in July and has Eric Trump over to his home and goes hunting with Don Jr. Our President goes back to WV for a rally before he breaks for vacation. The Governor of WV decides that he is leaving the Democrat party to become a Republican. He announces his decision on the stage with our President by his side. The crowd initially boos him when he starts speaking but by the time he ends his speech by saying our President is a good man and a great President, the crowd goes nuts!

Shortened version of his announcement below

In the meantime, our President jettisons Reince Prebius and picks John Kelly as his Chief of Staff. This frees up the Homeland Secretary position. Rick Perry, Energy Secretary, with our President’s leadership has literally flip the switch on our Energy Revolution in a little over six months. The Dakota pipeline is completed while the Keystone pipeline is about to commence. Our President announces that he has given the green light for seven additional pipelines. One of which will go under the WALL into Mexico 🇲🇽.

South Korea signs a $15 billion dollar 💵 LNG agreement with a US company. Poland 🇵🇱 receives its first shipment of LNG in June. Our President visits Poland 🇵🇱 to speak at the Three Seas Summit. The President of Croatia 🇭🇷 shares that she is building a floating pipeline off of one of her islands. Our President assures all 11 Eastern European countries that he will never use Energy against them. The President of Poland 🇵🇱 shares that the US produces enough LNG to take care of the gas needs for all Three Seas Countries.

Ukraine 🇺🇦 recently decided they had to make up for working with HRC’s campaign and has agreed to have a PA coal company take care of all of their energy needs. In the meantime, our President is sending his daughter, Ivanka, to India 🇮🇳 for a Woman’s Entrepreneurial Summit. The real reason in my mind is also to finalize a major agreement where 🇮🇳 will purchase hundreds of billions of dollars of coal and LNG.

Here is the most incredible possibility! Rick Perry is seriously considering becoming the Homeland Secretary. He did an incredible job as Governor of TX and knows the job inside out. Plus he would be taking over at an important juncture. The WALL will commence being built by the end of 2017. Perry is a big advocate for the WALL. Plus DACA is going to be a thing of the past once AG Paxton and the nine other AGs go back to the Executioner, Judge Hanen, to have it overturned on September 5th. John Kelly never really wanted to deal with DACA. Rick Perry will be chomping at the bit to take care of them and their parents😂!

Back to WV! Our President will offer Democrat Senator from WV, Joe Manchin, the Secretary of Energy position. The NOW Republican Governor will replace him with a Republican Senator. It will allow our margin to hit 53 Republicans. This will neutralize Lucifer’s vote for the Skinny Repeal Bill. Now we will have 50 YES votes. Senator McConnell could easily attach the Skinny Repeal to the TAX Reform Bill knowing that we have 50 required votes and can use reconciliation to take care of both in one bill during the same fiscal year.

From the article linked above:

White House and Republican officials are looking at Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., as a candidate to take the top spot at the Energy Department, as a plan is being looked at moving Energy Secretary Rick Perry to lead the Homeland Security Department.

Bloomberg reported the news citing four people familiar with the discussions.

A spokesman for Manchin declined to confirm whether the senator would take the Energy Department post that former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has occupied for months.

Manchin had been considered for the energy post in the past, as he faces a tough re-election battle in 2018. Bloomberg reported that his nomination as energy secretary collapsed in part because President Trump would not assure him that he could pick his own staff, according to two people familiar with the staff selection process.

News reports circulated late last month that said Perry was being considered for the top spot at the Department of Homeland Security, given that John Kelly moved from the agency to become Trump’s new chief of staff.

Sources close to Trump’s energy transition team told the Washington Examiner that Perry’s selection for homeland security is credible because the Energy Department was never Perry’s first choice. He had wanted a post in the Department of Defense. The thinking now within the administration is that Perry may be up for homeland security as a compromise between the two, since the security post is closer to a defense position than energy secretary. But no one is sure exactly how this will shake out.


Mitch McConnell and Uniparty Republicans Are SCREWED

Mitch McConnell truly stepped in 💩! This moron and the rest of the Uniparty decided they would destroy our President by taking on Obamacare first knowing they weren’t going to get it done. The first blow to Mitch and his minions was the House passing a bill. They never thought that would happen. They also thought Muh Russia would have consumed our President by now.

His miscalculations are destroying him and the rest of the do nothing Uniparty. Our President bailed his ass out last night by endorsing Luther Strange. The embarrassment would have drove Mitch to run for the hills.

Now Mitch is truly screwed! The budget process is fast approaching. Once again the House has done its part. The Military Spending Bill has $1.5 billion appropriated for the Wall. DACA will die once AG Paxton of Texas and 9 other AGs head back to Judge Hanen’s court on September 5th. Our President backed the RAISE Act basically nuking Lindsey Graham and his DREAM Act and Lucifer and his Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill.

Tax Reform is as close to a guarantee as possible! The fact three Democrats told Crying Chuck to scratch his ass with his pledge (Manchin of WV, Heitkamp of ND and Donnelly of IN), our margin increased to five that can vote NO and still be approved. It will get done by the end of December. Infrastructure is sure to happen before the November 2018 Elections. That will be two out of three major pieces of legislation under this Congress.

The Uniparty is useless if they aren’t around. Mitch and the rest of the morons know that. Those two pieces of legislation is far more important for their survival than our President.

Obamacare will continue to die in the Nevada desert! Insurance companies are continuing to get the hell out of the Exchange. Our President will be proven correct that they will come back begging him. It will get done under his terms. Could take the November 2018 Elections to come and go but it will get done! The pressure on Mitch to prevent a subsidy bill to pass is causing him sleepless nights!

Winning never felt so good!

Mitch McConnell also realizes that the Republican base is growing at record numbers! This scares him more than anything in the world because he will not be able to hide behind a margin of TWO Republicans come November 2018.

There are 13 Incumbent Democrats/Independent that are vulnerable in 2018! With these margins widening in states and nationally, 2018 is shaping up to be a bloodbath! What will Mitch’s excuse be when there are between 58 to 62 Senate Republicans. In that number Dean Heller from NV will be gone because he was primaried, Jeff Flake from AZ will be gone because he was primaried and Lucifer will join his creatures in HELL because he no longer will be with us.

Lou Barletta must be dancing in PA after seeing these numbers from his state! The same for Governor Scott from FL!

Found this great site for NC! The difference between Democrats and Republicans went from 646,246 in favor of Democrats on 11.8.16 to 585,775 on 8.5.17. We closed the gap by 60,471 😂

As of 8.5.17

Democrats: 2,640,299
Republicans: 2,054,454
Libertarians: 33,222
Unaffiliated: 2,046,443


Democrats: 2,733,188
Republicans: 2,086,942
Libertarians: 32,333
Unaffiliated: 2,065,687

Here is PA:

The difference between registered Democrats and Republicans went from 916,274 in favor of Democrats on 11.8.16 to 807,707 on 8.7.17. We closed the gap by 108,567 😁!


D: 4,028,188
R: 3,220,481
I: 1,164,572


D: 4,217,456
R: 3,301,182
I: 1,204,339



Politico Decided to Run An Article About a Poll That Just Came Out Saying That Americans Support the RAISE Act

The Politico truly stepped in 💩with the article below! Once again, Immigration is the one topic that brings together Republicans, Democrats and Independents like no other issue. Our President is beyond brilliant by introducing the RAISE Act prior to the August recess.

Keep in mind that as soon as these losers come back, DACA will be on its way out! September 5th is the day DACA goes in front of the Executioner, Federal Judge Hanen! AG Paxton of TX and nine other AGs wrote AG Sessions about their expectations in late June and what they will do if they are not met.

From the article linked above:

The case is still in Judge Hanen’s purview, although the Trump Administration announced this month it would rescind DAPA/extended DACA.

They wrote, “We respectfully request that the Secretary of Homeland Security phase out the DACA program…Specifically, we request that the Secretary of Homeland Security rescind the June 15, 2012 DACA memorandum and order that the Executive Branch will not renew or issue any new DACA or Expanded DACA permits in the future…If, by September 5, 2017, the Executive Branch agrees to rescind the June 15, 2012 DACA memorandum and not to renew or issue any new DACA or Expanded DACA permits in the future, then the plaintiffs that successfully challenged DAPA and Expanded DACA will voluntarily dismiss their lawsuit currently pending in the Southern District of Texas. Otherwise, the complaint in that case will be amended to challenge both the DACA program and the remaining Expanded DACA permits.

Commenting on the states’ letter, immigration attorney David Leopold said, “If they include it in the lawsuit in Texas, we all know how this goes. Judge Hanen has already ruled that [DAPA/extended DACA] violated the law, and he’s going to do the same thing to DACA. My guess is that Judge Hanen, in fact, will put a hold on DACA … at a minimum, he would stop or restrain renewal of [work permits provided by] DACA.”

From the article linked above:

Voters support most elements of President Donald Trump’s proposal to scale back legal immigration to the United States and change the criteria by which the U.S. admits immigrants, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

In defending the bill, White House adviser Stephen Miller cited the popularity of provisions of the bill in public opinion polling and predicted a wave of popular support for a bill that’s long been stalled in the Senate.

“Public support is so immense on this — if you just look at the polling data in many key battleground states across the country — that, over time, you’re going to see massive public push for this kind of legislation,” Miller said last week from the podium in the White House briefing room.

In general, more voters support most elements of the legislation than oppose them.

Majorities back limiting the number of refugees offered permanent residency (58 percent) and establishing a “points system” that would award points based on criteria such as education, English proficiency and prospective salary in the U.S. (60 percent).

Support for some of the other provisions in the bill isn’t as strong but still exceeds opposition. Forty-eight percent of voters support reducing the number of legal immigrants by half over the next decade (LIE see my comment below) compared to 39 percent who oppose that. On what Miller called “unlimited family chain migration,” 45 percent support ending the ability of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to petition to get extended family members green cards, while 39 percent oppose ending that.

As for English-language proficiency, 62 percent say it should be a factor in determining who should be allowed to immigrate legally.

They even lied in their article!

According to the poll, here are the percentages of those American voters who support the following seven options of how many legal immigrants should be added to the United States each year:

24% — NONE
22% — 250,000
16% — Half a million
14% — One million
3% — One and a half million
2% — Two million
4% — More than two million
14% — Not sure

In other words, 62% of likely voters nationally say they would prefer cutting immigration at least as much as would the RAISE Act.

Two weeks prior, Lindsey Graham and Dick Durban rolled out the DREAM Act.

There is no way in hell that the Uniparty will ever try to get this BS Bill passed through either the House or Senate.

From the article linked above:

Hoping to fend off a legal challenge to a program that has spared nearly 800,000 young immigrants from deportation, two veteran senators made a long-shot appeal to President Trump on Thursday to support legislation that would put those immigrants and thousands of others on a path to U.S. citizenship.

“What I’d like to do is a comprehensive immigration plan,” Trump said. “But our country and political forces are not ready yet.”

White House officials signaled this week that the president will not support the Dream Act. “I think that the administration has opposed the Dream Act and likely will be consistent on that,” said Marc Short, the president’s legislative affairs director.

John McCain in his last few days wants to bring the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill up for a vote and thinks they can do it even with a Presidential Veto. The moron doesn’t realize that no one will fight for that garbage who cares about having a political career in the future.

From the article linked above:

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) wants Congress to pass the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive amnesty bill when he returns to the Senate after getting treatments for brain cancer.

Democrats are mortified! Uniparty Republicans are as well. This bill as well as Kate’s Law and Sanctuary Cities bill will be used as the rallying cry throughout the buildup to the 2018 election. Every Republican running for a Democrat Incumbent seat in the Senate will have our President, the Republican candidate and the moms and dads that had a son or daughter killed by an illegal demanding that the citizens of those states vote out the Democrat for a Trump Republican that will vote in favor of all three bills!

Bye bye Dean Heller, Jeff Flake and John McCain since all three of you voted in favor of the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill and said you wouldn’t vote for the RAISE Act!