Amazing What One Man Can Do to Change the Course of History

Amazing what one man can do when driven with a purpose! WE are the luckiest people on the face of the earth today. I told my brother this morning that our grand kids and their kids will see North Africa and the ME as a place they can visit while Europe will be a no fly zone because all that will be left is the extremist that were run out of North Africa and the ME.

You may think I am nuts but we are seeing evidence of it every single day.

NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, had a press conference a few weeks ago. He goes onto say on a few different occasions that NATO will NOT engage in combat in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the ME. He talks about the fact that their job is to train, assist and advise

This bastard was proud of the fact that they have 4 combat battalions ready and will continue to deploy them as part of the Ukraine, Crimea mission.

Meanwhile President al-Sisi decided 6 hours after the killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt decided to bomb the sh….t out of ISIS in Libya. Christians only make up 10% of the Egyptian population. The U.K. has done sh…t since the 3 terrorist attacks over the past three months. That is all I have to say about the U.K. versus Egypt.

Also there is this wonderful piece of information that was inspired by our PRESIDENT!

From the article linked above:

In a brief news conference following the meeting, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir and Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said they wanted to strengthen bilateral ties, expand their counterterrorism efforts under the auspices of a new Saudi anti-terrorism center and work with US President Donald Trump, who recently attended a summit in Riyadh.

“The US represented by President Donald Trump has affirmed its commitment to this, and President Trump’s attendance at this historic summit was a very strong indication of the desire of the US to work with Arab and Islamic countries,” Al-Jubeir said.

You Reap What You Sow! It May be too Late for the U.K.

I decided to do some research about the U.K. policy around allowing jihadist back into their country after fighting in Syria and Iraq. Here is what I have found:

From the article linked above:

Britain should encourage jihadis fighting in Syria and Iraq to “come home”, the former global counter-terrorism director of MI6 has said.

However, Richard Barrett, a former counter-terrorism chief at MI5 and MI6, said repentant fighters needed “to know that there is a place for them back at home”.

From the article linked above:

The homegrown jihadists fighting for ISIS: How one in four foreigners who have signed up for Islamic State is British – and how half of them are ALREADY back in the UK

500 of the 2,000 estimated foreign ISIS fighters are believed to be British
MP believes that figures are ‘nonsense’ and figure closer to 2,000 Britons
Majority are flying to Istanbul then catching a bus over the Syrian border
Government reveals that only 23 passports have been seized this year
More British Muslims fighting for ISIS than serving in the British Army

From the article linked above:

A former soldier who is fighting against the Islamic State today warned more than 2,000 British jihadis have joined the death cult.

The 46-year-old Gulf War veteran is fighting alongside the Peshmerga, the name for the Iraqi Kurdistan forces, and is due to become an official member.

He said he had been “moved to tears” after seeing families broken up and women and children being beheaded during the conflict.

Folks this will be a continuing occurrence in the U.K. for years to come unless they wake up like the man in the 3rd article that has had enough. The U.K. needs thousands more like him!


The Paris Agreement Was the Greatest Scam in the World! Thank You President Trump for Saving Us

This scam was going to make the Clintons, Barry from Hawaii and his minions multi billionaires. SD is 100% correct that it is trillions of dollars.

From the article linked above:

So . . . You think you know quite a bit about Obama and his band of thieves. Read on and see just how little you know.All of this comes together in the last part… a must read.

This is an interesting story put together from various articles and TV shows by the British Times paper. It shows what Obama and his friends are really all about. It’s not hope and change, it is money.

If the bill passes, it is estimated that over 10 TRILLION dollars each year will be traded on the CXX exchange. At a commission rate of only 4 percent, the exchange would earn close to 400 billion dollars to split between its owners, all Obama cronies. At a 2 percent rate, Goldman Sachs would also rake in 200 billion dollars each year.

But don’t forget SHOREBANK. With 10 trillion dollars flowing though its accounts, the bank will earn close to 40 billion dollars in interest each year for its owners (more Obama cronies), without even breaking a sweat.

It is estimated Al Gore alone will probably rake in 15 billion dollars just in the first year. Of course, Obama’s “commissions” will be held in trust for him at the Joyce Foundation. They are estimated to be over 8 billion dollars by the time he leaves office in 2013, if the bill passes this year. Of course, these commissions will continue to be paid for the rest of his life.

Thankfully the Senate at the time never took the bill to the floor. The bill did pass in the House at the time. HRC was suppose to take this scam to the finish line. I am more convinced that God gave us PDJT to save our country and ultimately the entire world when his 8 years are up.

No wonder the outcry about what our Lion did on Thursday has reached all areas of the globe! He truly saved us and the planet!


We Must Pray that the Diplomatic Approach Works in NK or Else…

When listening to our Mad Dog during his interview on Deface the Nation, he said something that made my ears perk up. He said that he wishes that diplomacy will resolve the situation in NK. He went onto say otherwise there will be a tremendous loss of life. Immediately I thought about Seoul and possibly Japan. However, I am now convinced that he was talking about the NKs. We have our third carrier group on its way to the Sea of Japan. That is an incredible amount of firepower.

This paragraph from the article linked above was interesting:

The measures adopted on Friday could have been agreed by the council’s North Korea sanctions committee behind closed doors, but Washington convinced China to back a public vote on the blacklist, amplifying the council’s unhappiness with Pyongyang’s defiance of a U.N. ban on ballistic missile launches.

I think President Xi realizes that our Lion will only be patient for a short time. The man bombed the sh….t out of a base in Syria and informed President Xi while eating a delicious piece of chocolate cake. Xi must have said to himself that this man means what he says and will take matters into his own hand.

God forbid that time does come, the amount of coordinated bombs that will rain down on NK will be so overwhelming and destructive that they won’t be able to get off many if any of their missiles. There will be 10+ MOABs dropped simultaneously. The destruction to NK will be astronomical in numbers.

Mad Dog and our Lion know it! They will do everything possible to prevent it. However, if it happens, it will be because they had no choice. They will pray for the dead!


Hell Will be Seen on Earth for Barry and His Minions

KG will be the one that turned the entire paradigm to what will occur afterwards. She will become despised by the SJW, left, MSM, Globalist etc 10 years from now. We on the other hand will hate her for what she did and the consequences for our First Family, especially Barron but also know it lead to their destruction. What this woman did and now this BS will make our precious FLOTUS want hell reigned on earth for it. Luckily for her and us, her husband sits in a position to let the bombs roll every single day for the next 7 years and 8 months.

I will never forget the words of our Lion about the number of red lines that were crossed by Assad in Syria after seeing with his own eyes the carnage. Do you think for one minute that his wife and he both agree the red line was crossed when it comes to their 11 year old son. And now this article that states her intentions of going after him months in advance. If our President was going to let bygones be bygones, that all went out the window. Whenever Melania and Barron share what it was like witnessing the image and the thought that his day was killed and his head paraded on tv, the blood level will reach a boiling point.

HRC, John Podesta, Barry from Hawaii, John Brennan, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, James Clapper, Jim Comey etc. will see what it is like in the very near future to cross Melania and our Lion. Folks, all they ask of us is to be patient but hell will be paid here on earth. I have no doubt in my mind!

We Have To WIN the Battle for Our First Family

Folks our President and First Lady gave us a mission! Every time I think of a Barron’s reaction of seeing that image and thinking for those few seconds that his dad had his head chopped off, I cry in anger for him, our First Lady who had to assure him that his dad was ok and our President that told us he would take slings and arrows for us.

Please watch this video if you need motivation.

We need to DESTROY this woman! She cannot have the ability to perform again in our sacred country! A couple of wonderful Treepers have provided us info we can use to win this BATTLE for our First Family.

Below is a link to her upcoming schedule:

Growltiggerknits shared the following we can use and adapt for each location she is going to perform at:

In view of Kathy Griffin’s outrageous stunt normalizing beheading and inciting violence I hope you would reconsider if this performer is someone who should be showcased at State Theatre of NJ. Her despicable behavior typifies the problem with MSM and with the liberal intelligentsia. Nothing goes too far if it attacks someone they disagree with.
What kind of a message does this send to children? What damage does it do to the fabric of our society? What does Ms. Griffin care if it brings her media exposure & jobs.
I hope the leadership at State Theatre will stand up against this kind of bullying, fascist, destructive behavior and cancel Ms Griffin’s performance.
Sincerely (from a 20 year + patron)

Deplorable and Proud provided us the locations and telephone numbers to contact:

Here’s a list of her upcoming shows and the phone #s of the venues if you’d like to call and make your feelings known. This is the best way to hit her where it hurts!

The Mirage – Las Vegas, NV: 702-791-7111
Veterans Memorial Auditorium – Grass Valley, CA: 530-274-8384
Uptown Theater – Napa, CA: 707-259-0123
Sunset Center – Carmel, CA: 831-620-2048
Community Arts Center – Williamsport, PA: 570-326-24524
St. George Theater – Staten Island, NY: 718-442-2900
State Theater – New Brunswick, NJ: 732-247-7200
Bergen PAC – Englewood, NJ: 201-816-8160

yy4u provided us the addresses to actually send written letters to:

We always “consider the source” and take the high road. NOT THIS TIME. POTUS needs us to stick up for him. He has our back; we need to have his. Write these people (the phone lines are bound to be busy).

Uptown Theater
1350 Third Street
Napa CA 94559707

Community Arts Center
220 W. 4th Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

St. George’s Theater
35 Hyatt Street
Staten Island, NJ 10301718

State Theater
15 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Bergen PAC
30 N. Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ 07631

If the FBI, DOJ and Secret Service won’t do their jobs, we the people need to drive her into bankruptcy.

HUGE is an Understatement When it Comes to the 3 Subpoenas

This is beyond HUGE! The subpoenas are not for the 3 POSs to testify but to the NSA, FBI and CIA. Not to any particular person but the entire damn agency. Are you kidding me! We have our White Hat in the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers and the head of the CIA is a Trump appointee, Mike Pompeo. The POS Andrew McCabe is the current head of the FBI but also on a short list as Comey’s replacement (we all know that will never happen but it is fantastic that he still thinks he has a chance).

James Comey will not testify next week! That was a complete smokescreen because of the earthquake those 3 subpoenas caused today. Sh…t face also issued 4 subpoenas that are identical to the 4 the Senate Intelligence Committee issued to Michael Flynn and Gary Cohen. Again a complete smokescreen to take the focus away from the real earthquake.

This means that the information that is being requested will flow like water! Especially since the FISA court just ripped these agencies to pieces for the way the operated during the Obozo administration. Plus 702 is up for reauthorization later this year. Congress will need full cooperation in order to reauthorize 702. Americans on both sides of the aisle are sicken by the government invading our privacy.

Rep. DeSantis clearly states the reauthorization and what is expected before reauthorizing it in the clip above.

Soon afterward, these 3 POS will be subpoenaed to testify in person. You will hear the 5th amendment invoked over 1,000+ times between the 3 of them. As they walk out the doors from the hearing, FBI agents will be there to place handcuffs and take them to a federal prison to await trial. Yes I am embellishing but I truly believe in my heart that the day will come given the hurt our First Lady and President feel for their son Barron for what he had to endure for those split seconds thinking his dad was dead and his head chopped off!

Folks our Lion didn’t send that tweet as an error last night! Covfefe has a meaning to Barry from Hawaii and his treasonous minions. Don’t be shocked it is the name for this covert operation!


Our President is Right! Time to Get Rid of the 60 Vote Rule for Passing Legislation

Our President is absolutely correct! I know that SD is concerned that if we go there, the majority rules and it would put us closer to a monarchy versus a republic.

Below is the article where SD makes his case against a 51 vote majority in the Senate:

I actually think that it would empower voters even more. The House could be one political power while the Senate could be the other. That would be true checks and balances. However, if the voters want one party to have the majority in both chambers, that is their choice and should be respected.

There is no way in 2018 that we will loose the Senate! It is 100% likely in my book that we will increase the number of Republican Senators from 52 to 60+.

Our President will campaign for 2018 the way he did for his own election. He will live in the 10 to 15 states we will flip! We have 9 Republicans up for reelection. Six are guaranteed while the other 2 are guaranteed except who the Republican will be (TX and AZ). The one state to be concerned with is NV but early projections have it leaning red. That means our President will go after the 10 Democrats up for reelection in states he won as well as states that can be picked off! In his interview with Judge Jeanine, he told you that Chuck the Duck will be completely irrelevant after 18′. That is because he knows we will have a super majority of 60+ Republicans. The scum of the swamp know it and are mortified they can’t stop it!

We will win the following 8 Republican Senate seats: MS, AL, TN, TX, AZ (Dewit), WY, UT, NE The only concern is NV (Dan Heller)

From the article linked above:

10 Democratic senators are running for reelection in states Trump carried last November. Trump won half of those states — Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia — by double digits. That means that 20 percent of all Democratic seats up in 2018 are in states Trump won by double digits and 40 percent are in states that the president-elect carried last November.
It’s not just that Democrats have so many vulnerabilities. It’s that Republicans have so few.

What also excites me about that tweet is that Mitch the Bitch will be running for reelection in 2020! The same year our President will be running. Kentucky is a state that our President dominated in 2016. The Governor of KY is very well liked and respected by the citizens of KY as well as our President. You want to turn the heat up on Mitch, start sending out rumors of a possible Senatorial run by the Governor. Mitch also has his wife chewing his ass out every single night! She knows that the Infrastructure Bill won’t happen until Obamacare is repealed and replaced and tax reform is done. If Mitch drops this 60 vote rule for legislation, that Infrastructure bill will occur at some point next year. SUCKS to be MITCH THE BITCH!

The State of Texas is Incredible

I absolutely love the state of Texas and will be visiting San Antonio with my wife and daughter this summer for a week. I also have a rental car which will allow us to visit other parts of the state. I have the utmost respect for Governor Abbott. It would not shock me one bit to see him be our 46th President of the United States. He has such admiration for our President and vice a versa.

This state is the perfect model for Trumpism! What the Governor signed into law recently is going to send shockwaves across the US. The law begins on September 1, 2017.

From the article linked above:

1) It’s not just police who will enforce immigration
2) Officials can be removed for not complying with the law
3) It encourages people to turn in their local government or university officials
4) Victims and witnesses could be asked about their immigration status
5) It promises to defend those who are sued for complying with the law

Those illegals living in Texas have a few more months to decide their ultimate faith! Do they stay and hope they never are picked up (very doubtful). Do they decide it is time to go back home (some will but it will be small numbers). Or do they decide to find a haven that will protect them (We Have A Winner). Many will choose item #3. California better brace themselves because that state wants to be a sanctuary state. NYC is also a good place but the weather may deter them.

Over the next 7+ years, Treepers that live in this awesome state will give us ground reports on how that 1 million is down to a few thousand. For everyday Americans living in Texas, your lives and the lives of your kids and grandkids has and will get a thousand times better. With the unleashing of the Energy sector coupled with running a million illegals out of your state, the future is beyond bright!